Yes , it is free. You will never be charged. No hidden charges.
Yes, every student who will enroll in visa section can avail this offer. Students who want to apply for visa and committed with us for the visa services are eligible for 6 months free subscription of all courses.
(i) In the coming days also everyone has to maintain social distancing and in case of any positive case, institute may remain close for some days but your online classes will remain continue forever in all situations. (ii) There is a huge difference of fees in online classes and offline classes. You will be getting 50 percent discount in online courses. (iii) In online classes whereas for offline you have to pay a lot more. Many of the students even do not get opportunity to study from 9 band and experienced teachers in their near by areas but through online classes all these benefits you will be able to get, including up to date content.
Yes, we provide recorded lecture of your all classes attended online daily on Choice Route Mobile App.
Not Mandatory, but Android users can download Choice Route App from play store or You can simply join live class from our website www.choiceroute.in.
Visit www.choiceroute.in and Book your free demo class, After registration you will get all instructions on your email Id.
We divided practice content in two categories. 1) free4u that is available on www.choiceroute.in this can be accesed by all website visitors. 2) Premium practice content is available under "login" section that is also available on our website www.choiceroute.in.
Students get ID passwords for practising the premium content. We provide two types of passwords for the paid students, one for "Mobile app login" and Second for "Student Login" available on website wwww.choiceroute.in.
Grammar class content is free for all so does not require any ID password
After security fee payment you will get a text or whatsapp message on you phone number, Wait for at least 2 hours for the message.
NO, it is only for Student Visa.
YES, Duolingo is acceptable For UK Study Visa.
All Tests are Valid for the period of two years.
Approximate timing is one hour.
At home, internet Cafe or also at your coaching centre.
Yes , it’s mandatory for all international English language tests.
Broadband is the best option but Airtel and Idea also work well. Avoid Jio connection for online classes in India.
For IELTS and PTE 10+2 is required and for Grammar and Spoken Courses at Choice Route, Students should have minimum qualification of matriculation.
Visit our website www.choiceroute.in and then, select your course and make payment.
Yes, we have different batches as per student level. We know that new students, weak students in English , attempting second time , GT students and students with higher requirements like 8 each need different strategies to get desired score, so we have separate batches for all types of students.
Yes of course, we are known for genuine and most ethical advice for student visa, dependent visa, and tourist visa. Fill this form "https://choiceroute.in/visa-guidance/" we will contact you back within one working day.
Yes , but these are temporarily stored due to shutdown of centers.
We have all types of batches comprising 5 students, 15 students or more. It depends upon you which batch you want to study in.
No, Smartphones are mini Laptops. 99% Students attend classes through Mobile phones.
Demo class is basically Question-Answer session. You can also consider it counseling session. One day’s demo class is sufficient for everyone.
Yes, student can take DUOLINGO actual exam in Choice Route Center
Usually, you get your results within five business days.
No. Both need the same skill sets.
No. There is only ‘PTE Academic’ which is accepted for both immigration and university studies.
Its validity is two years.
Most of the time you can book for the exam a week before, but do check for availability on PTE website.
No. You need to have your valid passport to book your Exam.
The score range for all the skills is 10 – 90. Apart from that, you are also given scores for enabling skills such as grammar, oral fluency, pronunciation, spelling, vocabulary, and written discourse.
You are advised to take our Spoken English or Grammar classes to help you in improving your language.
It is only with practice and use of the language that one becomes fluent.
We give you activities and tests to monitor your progress.
All right, we agree with you! Because when you start speaking your language you didn’t learn grammar at all. In fact, now also you don’t know detailed grammar of your language. But here we are forgetting one thing and that is, you have been learning your mother tongue since your birth, so that’s your natural language and secondly whenever you went wrong people around you corrected you. They might have laughed at you but you were small so it didn’t hurt you. Now, imagine if someone corrects you or laughs at you in public how will you feel? That’s why we need to go through the process of language learning where we, at Choice Route, touch all aspects like grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, reading, listening, writing and speaking.
This question is not only asked by students but mothers of school goers to improve their children’s vocabulary. We give you tips to improve your word-bank as well as you get lots of practice to do it. If you want to do it without our help :), no problem, we suggest you read and collect unknown and unfamiliar words and go through them every night before going to sleep.
This question makes us think… Is internet a threat to our kind of learning centers? But this does not scare us at all. Because, though there is easy accessibility to tons of tests and tips online, they are not organized and don’t have the human touch and focus which we provide you at Choice Route.
Yes, we provide you material and give you many reference sites
Here my counter question to you is, ‘Can a singer give stage performance as soon as he is out of music school?’ Or ‘Can anyone hit a century without practice?’ You need to keep practicing. Now you have all the tricks in your bag but how and where to use them will come after practice.
Many beginner level students ask this question. The outsourcing business has shown a dream to many. It’s good but in real life if we day-dream we end up being nowhere. So, be practical and give yourself time to learn and practice the new language. The time varies according to each one’s ability from 2 months to 6 months
Choice Route doesn’t encourage imitating any accent. We don’t want to make ourselves clones but we want to speak English in English style. So students please neutralize your accent here and learn to have correct stresses and intonation while speaking. You should be natural and speak naturally.
We are flexible enough to adjust the batch size and timing requirements.
Choice Route is an Online (Live) service provider in coaching and study visa Guidance. We may not Provide you offline services in all cities of the world although we are working in a few cities from our campus but we are available online everywhere in the world.
* Confirm that microphone is connected to the computer. * Check the sound setting on your computer. * Make sure your microphone is unblocked, before you start your test. Check it properly that the necessary permissions are given.
You need to write your answers on a computer, not on a paper
On your computer, open Chrome. At the top right, click More . Click More tools. Clear browsing data. At the top, choose a time range. To delete everything, select All time. Next to "Cookies and other site data" and "Cached images and files," check the boxes. Click Clear data.
Yes, you can. Please provide your full detailed contact address, including PO Box and daytime telephone number on the “Enquiry on Results Form”. You can download this from here. Send the completed Enquiry on Results Form, receipt of payment, and the original Test Report Form and post it to IDP Education – IELTS Test Centre. https://www.idpielts.me › request-re-mark
Yes, you can, you may only request a rescore of your most recent PTE Academic test. To order a rescore, you must contact Pearson Customer Service within 14 calendar days of your score report being made available to you. The fee for resources is available from the Customer Service team.
Yes, you can. You need to fill a form on the official website https://www.cdieltsidpindia.com
You just need to wait and be patient. Your test will arrive but there is no fixed time limit. Some students receive their results within one week or two. However, for others, it might be longer- a month or over 3 months.
There may be several reasons behind this. May be your computer got hanged or you mistakenly pressed the wrong key or there can be network issues from student side. Don’t consider it any technical problem from Choice Route end.
It's very easy to book any reality test. Just go to our website www.choiceroute.in and on the top you will get option to book the reality test. After booking you will also get confirmation of Time and date of the test on your registered mobile number.

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