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Basically IELTS defines as the International English Language Testing System. IELTS is a best course for improving your communication skills Like: Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing Skills. IELTS is mainly managed by the University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations (Cambridge ESOL), British Council and IDP: IELTS Australia.There are two types of Modules in IELTS. One is General and second is Academic. The General course is basically to provide for who require for immigration services, self employee in other foreign countries. And the Academic course is basically meant for higher studies in High Universities.

IELTS is one of the pioneers of four skills English language testing over 21 years ago, and continues to set the standard for English language testing today. IELTS was established in 1989.

  • IELTS is the world’s proven English language test.
  • IELTS is accepted as evidence of English language proficiency by over 8,000 organizations worldwide.
  • More than 2 million tests taken in year 2015.
  • IELTS is recognised as a secure, valid and reliable indicator of true-to-life ability to communicate in English for education, immigration and professional accreditation.
  • IELTS is the most widely established English language test that uses a one-on-one speaking test to assess your English communication skills.
  • IELTS is jointly owned by British Council, IDP: IELTS Australia and Cambridge English Language Assessment through more than 900 test centres and locations in over 140 countries.

IELTS exam is designed to assess all four modules that is speaking, writing, reading and listening. The all four modules are well organized in way that it can test someone’s ability to use English in daily course of action in English Speaking countries.

The IELTS test is developed by some of the world’s leading experts in language assessment. It has an excellent international reputation, and is accepted by over 8,000 organisations worldwide, including schools, universities, employers, immigration authorities and professional bodies.


If you wish to get admission in good university your IELTS grade Matters you need to invest time and effort for some serious IELTS preparation when you are dealing with the IELTS exam.

From grammar to verbal communication and even spelling, the IELTS Test will test you on several frontiers. The only sure shot way of clearing the IELTS exam is to understand the concepts of the English language.

For how long will my IELTS score be vaild?

An IELTS Test result is valid for 2 years.

When can I retake the test?

A candidate may retake the IELTS exam any time.

Whate is the age limit of taking IELTS?

You must be at least 16 years old to write an IELTS exam

What are the test date for IELTS?

IDP facilitates tests on 48 fixed dates annually and depending on local demand up to four times a month,

How to register for IELTS test?

Call us at +91 98156-97795 for registration help.

What if I am unable to apper for the test on the registered date?

You will be marked as an absentee and the fee will not be refunded

How to postpone or cancel my IELTS exam?

If you postpone or cancel your application at least 5 weeks before the test date, you will receive a refund after deduction of administration charge. If you postpone or cancel after 5 weeks of the test date, you will be charged the full fee as long as you do not have a serious medical condition and you are able to provide a medical certificate within 5 days of the test date, you will receive a refund after deduction of administrative cost.

Will I be permitted to take may personal belongings inside the examination room with me?

You are allowed to carry only pens, pencils, erasers, sharpeners and your passport in the examination room. Everything else like Mobile phones, tabs, wrist watches and handbags must be placed in the area designated by the testing authority.

Which accents can I expect to hear in the listening test?

IELTS is an international test. Examples of accents that can be heard are American, Australian, and British. These are just examples and the kinds of accents heard are not just restricted to these 3.

Can I apply for a re-evaluation?

You can apply for a re- evaluation or an Enquiry on Results, at your test centre not later than six weeks of the test date. You must pay an enquiry fee, which will be refunded if your bands score change after re-evaluation. The IELTS testing process has a very high standard of control procedures and the chances of change in scores after re-evaluation are negligible.

Do I use a pen or a pencil to write the exam?

You must write the Listening and Reading parts in pencil. You may chose to use either a pen or a pencil to take the writing section of the test.

What are the pass marks for IELTS?

There are no pass marks in IELTS. Your performance in each section will be rated on a band scale of 1 to9. All educational institutions set their own minimum IELTS scores eligibility.

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